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What is this section?

This is where I plan to write about a different aspect of who I am, starting with the letter “A” and going all the way to the letter “Z”. I initially planned on launching the site on New Year’s Day and writing one post every two weeks until I made it through the entire alphabet.

Get it? 1 post every 2 weeks for one year = 26 posts, one for each letter.

That didn’t happen. I still like the concept, although I am torn between starting the year now, the desire to launch the whole thing RIGHT NOW, or the in-between moderate choice of writing new posts as I feel compelled. It remains to be seen which route I will follow.

Why are you doing this?

  1. Because I want to let people know who I am. Maybe it’s because I am reserved, but I sometimes feel invisible. When I’m noticed, too often it is the idea of me, rather than the true me that is seen. I think I’m pretty cool (yes, in a dorky kind of way) once you get to know me, so I want to share that with the world.
  2. Because I feel it is important for me to write. When I was young, I had a love/hate relationship with the Young Authors Contest at my school. Although I was a finalist for my grade, I didn’t actually win, and I never got over the fear of writer’s block. Once I get past the initial block, the words flow, but it takes a lot of sitting and procrastinating before I reach that point. Recently, I have felt compelled to write despite the struggle, although I am not entirely sure why. I strongly believe in following gut instincts, so I thought this would be a worthy way to listen to my intuition and. It also may help me get past the need to wait until everything is perfect.
  3. Because I think it would be a fun way to explore different facets of my personality. Even though this may not be interesting to anyone else, I like the idea of recording what goes on in my head for all to see. It is proof that I exist. It is a method to get real with myself about who I am and who I am not.

But you are a MBA…could this be career suicide?! If people know the craziness in your head, they might not want to work with you!

True, and yes, that is a consideration. Of greater concern though is getting stuck working with someone that does not appreciate me and my strengths, while accepting my faults and weaknesses. I have to trust that while I can’t ever be everyone’s cup of tea, I will be exactly right for someone else. After spending a lot of my life trying to appear normal, it is time for me to stop caring about what other people think of me.

Isn’t this sort of gimmicky?

Probably so. Deal with it.

One more thing, what’s with that collage?

This was one of my final assignments from business school. As part of the Fully Employed MBA program, we participated in a three day executive leadership residential at a resort in Lake Arrowhead. An interesting experience, I plan to write more about this later, including exploring the results of the extensive personality testing we prepared for and during this workshop. Regarding the collage, the objective was to visually present reflections on our past, current life, and plans for the future. I keep it around to remind me of the vision I held of my new life as an MBA. Some parts have been realized, others have not yet.

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